Friday, January 12, 2007

San Francisco Chronicle, still a Bush toady

January 12, 2007

Letters to the Editor
San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

RE: Photo of teary Bush on front page.


On Thursday, millions of people across the U.S. participated in protests against President Bush's proposed escalation of the war in Iraq, including several protest events in the Bay Area.

Yet on the Chronicle's front page today, above the fold no less: An image of George W. Bush crying at an event honoring a dead Marine. Your "coverage" of the anti-war protests--an image with brief caption--was buried on page A7.

The U.S. is stuck in the deadly Iraqi quagmire in part because a supine media has failed to challenge Bush administration arguments. Your decision to "humanize" Bush by featuring this image so prominently--while diminishing coverage of the opposition to his pointless war--shows the Chronicle continues to be a biased administration toady.

If Bush really cared about troops dying in Iraq, he would order their immediate withdrawal, not award them posthumous medals. And some wonder why fewer of us are reading newspapers.


Paul Dorn


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