Thursday, November 16, 2006

Goodbye 49ers, call if you need help moving out

Aerial image of Monster Park in San FranciscoThe 49ers are leaving. Good riddance. Sadly, I've been disappointed by the silly response from Mayor Gavin Newsom, California's senior senator Diane Feinstein, and other in San Francisco's political class. I have to hope it's all just rhetorical posturing. I understand that Newsom doesn't want to be tagged as "the mayor who 'lost' the Niners," but he can't really want to keep this money grabbing, subsidy sucking, land wasting operation in San Francisco?

San Francisco can gain a lot by demolishing Monster Park and transforming this expanse of empty pavement and concrete--when it's not filled a mere 8-10 days a year with tailgating yuppies--into housing, offices, shops, and improved parkland (Crissy Field south).

Monster Park is a money losing blight for the city. A vibrant new neighborhood and park space would create lots of fulltime jobs, instead of a few dozen part-time seasonal work selling beer and hot dogs. And affordable housing opportunities instead of pavement. And lots of new tax revenues. There is at least one proposal out there that suggests San Francisco could realize $400 million from demolition of Monster Park and sale to developers.

So why is the Mayor posturing. And is there any politician who is a more shameless headline chaser than DiFi? Aren't there bigger priorities Senator, like, say, getting the heck out of Iraq?!? Do you represent California, which ostensibly includes Santa Clara, or just Bechtel, errr, San Francisco? Gawd I detest DiFi.

Image: Google Earth. Satelitte image of Monster Park and parking lots. Notice tire tracks from skidding racers. This space is largely vacant 350 days a year, and is an attractive destination for miscreants. A waste.


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