Tuesday, November 21, 2006

49ers grab Rec and Park resources

Image of Monster Park in San FranciscoI never intended to turn this blog into a screed against the 49ers. However, as events progress, the cost the city of San Francisco pays to keep the NFL franchise in town grows more evident. As a letter writer to the San Francisco Examiner indicated this week (responding to an earlier letter), a significant share of the city's Recreation and Parks Department budget is consumed maintaining the 49ers ballpark.

My earlier posts on this topic have talked about what could be done with the space vacated by the Niners. But the city could also realize immediate benefits from not subsidizing a professional sports franchise.

And it was disappointing to read in yesterday's Chronicle that other areas of our beloved city might now be in the Battleship York's gunsights. It's also frustrating that the "missing the story" journalism rife in SF tries to frame the team's departure .) It's even more disappointing that the city's political leadership has so little vision for a better city.


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