Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just who does Pelosi represent, anyway?

Image of Nancy Pelosi and George W. BushI often wonder just what district Nancy Pelosi represents: anti-war, anti-Bush San Francisco; or some district in her native Maryland. I mean, really, has she ever even lived in California. Now that she's installed, she can get on with her agenda: blocking Bush's impeachment (going against her district) and continuing funding to the Iraq debacle.

Tim Redmond's editorial in this week's San Francisco Bay Guardian, "Pelosi is not one of us," pretty much sums up Pelosi's noxious career. "But if the right-wing talk show hosts are worried about San Francisco liberals like me, they can take it easy: Nancy Pelosi is not one of us."

Image: Web capture. Pelosi and Bush, partners in crime.


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