Saturday, November 11, 2006

What would Jesus eat?

Image of Christian vegetarianVan seen parked near Green Festival in San Francisco.

For the record, not that anyone is asking, I am 1) a vegetarian; and 2) an atheist. I was once upon a time a leftist ready to concede the existence of Jesus as an actual historic person, not divine but instead a charismatic pacifist revolutionary. Kind of like a new age hippie.

However, I now since been persuaded that Jesus never existed at all. John Rose's article for the International Socialism Journal was effective. Most persuasive was Karl Kautsky's great examination, Foundations of Christianity. Another comprehensive expose is former fundamentalist Brian Flemming's great documentary The God Who Wasn't There.

Many became open to new conceptualizations of "Jesus" in the wake of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. The success of the book and film had the Catholic Church on the defensive for a period. But the Catholic Church (and Christianity in general) has survived Luther, Marx, Darwin, Nietzsche, Einstein, Freud...and I'd guess, sadly, that it will continue to oppress and deceive for decades after Dan Brown.

Image: Paul Dorn.


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