Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MoveOn.org Becomes Irrelevant

I received this today from MoveOn.org, which has essentially become a 527 group for the Democratic Party. Sigh. Such potential, wasted...

The Subject Line: "Which 3 big goals should we fight for? Vote today!" Note the list below. Helllloooo?!? Our country is killing, abusing, torturing, poisoning, and raping people in Iraq!?! Perhaps you've heard? Helllloooo?!?

1) Stop the war 2) Troops home 3) Cut Pentagon budget.

We're not going to make real progress on anything--not healthcare, education, transportation, environment, nada--until we derail the Imperial War Machine. Period.

If the "left" of the Democratic Party won't even demand an anti-war position, then why should the DLC bother? MoveOn.org seems to be saying: "We don't mind the Empire, we just wish it smiled more."


--- "Ben Brandzel, MoveOn.org Political Action" wrote:
Subject: Which 3 big goals should we fight for? Vote today!

Dear MoveOn member,

Last Thursday, nearly 10,000 of us came together in over 600 living and dining rooms to talk about the goals we share for our country. Each party was asked to find the big, positive ideas that we most want to focus on together in 2006. Thousands of inspiring options have poured in, and now it's time for the entire MoveOn membership to pick the final three.

From now until Wednesday night at 11:59 PM, you can help decide MoveOn's new official 3-point positive agenda. We've compiled an online ballot with the 10 most popular ideas from last week's parties. You can read what other members have to say about each issue, add your thoughts, and cast your vote for the final three, at:


We'll announce the official results Thursday morning, starting with a campaign to spread the word about the three positive ideas you select. Then, all year, we'll look for key opportunities to work together to turn these ideas into reality.

Our new positive agenda won't be our only focus, of course. Together, we'll still work to bring the troops home from Iraq and stand firm against radical Republican initiatives. But our 3 big positive goals will help show the nation what we're for, not just what we're against.

Here are the top ten big, positive goals for America that are on the ballot today (in random order). Which three do you most want to offer the country?

* A living wage for all
* Global leadership through diplomacy
* Verifiable, accurate elections
* High quality education for all
* Balanced federal budget
* Health care for all
* Publicly funded elections
* Preserve our natural resources
* Energy independence: clean, renewable sources
* Restored constitutional rights

Why narrow it down to the top three? It's about clarity. We want every voter to understand by November what progressives will do for our country--and 3 big ideas is about as many as most of us can easily remember at one time. And it's about focus. We can only fight so many battles and together we must pick which ones to put first.

Of course, there is no single voice for the vast progressive movement, but we each have an important role to play. Selecting a postive agenda is a critical decision for MoveOn and the more members who help to make it, the better the choice will be.

Please take a minute to think about the changes you care about the most--and the vision for the future you want to share with America. Then, go online and cast your three votes today, at:


Thanks for all you do.

--Ben, Matt, Eli, Carrie and the whole MoveOn.org Political Action team Tuesday, May 30th, 2006


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