Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yeah! The "truth" (sort of) about The Da Vinci Code

Message sent today to National Public Radio in response to today's report, Religious Groups Respond to 'Da Vinci' Movie Release:


It will be interesting to see how religious people will use First Century sources in their attempt to refute the purported errors in The Da Vinci Code. Especially interesting as NO source from that era actually confirms the existence of Jesus at all. What we know of this figure is entirely revealed in gospels--canonical, gnostic, and apocryphal--written no earlier than 70 AD.

It would be interesting if NPR would interview a prominent atheist on their view of the phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code, say for instance Sam Harris (author of the best-selling book, The End of Faith) or Brian Flemming (filmmaker, The God Who Wasn't There.)

But I guess I shouldn't hold my breath waiting for NPR to do that, should I?

Paul Dorn
San Francisco


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