Sunday, November 20, 2005

White phosporous and Pentagon lies

To National Public Radio

Isn't it time to tell the truth about the American occupation of Iraq? Sadly, Friday’s "All Things Considered" presented a dissembler of the first rank, who played the euphemism game to defend the Bush administration’s failed policies.

During your discussion on the controversial use of white phosporous and Napalm by US troops during the assault of Fallujah, John Pike of defended the Pentagon. At worst, according to Pike, the US government was guilty of “imprecision,” making “counter-factual statements,” or of an “economy with the truth.”

In other words, the US government lied. And continues to lie. And this dishonesty is what has caused most of the world to be suspicious of US motives and actions. This distrust won’t diminish with the appearance of obscurantists like John Pike on NPR broadcasts.

Your listeners deserve an honest discussion. The world is waiting for American honesty.

Paul Dorn
San Francisco, California


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