Thursday, November 17, 2005

Go right-wing "peaceniks"!

Hawkish Democrat Calls for Iraq Pullout

I'm disgusted that this call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq comes NOT from my "representative," the "liberal" Nancy Pelosi, whose San Francisco district just voted overwhelmingly against military recruiters in city schools.(1) No, it seems the right-wingers like Hagel, McCain and this Murtha dude will be leading the charge against the war. (2)

Abundant torture by US troops and their Iraqi flacks; depleted uranium shells and other toxics; dogs and lions (?) used to threaten prisoners; secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe; flesh-burning white phosphorous dropped on women and kids; indiscriminately lethal 500-lb bombs; billions of dollars allegedly for Iraqi "reconstruction" missing (likely gone to the likes of Halliburton)--can there be any question that the US has the most evil, vile, and reprehensible government on the planet?

Given how lame the Democrats are and will continue to be as an "opposition" party, the best hope Iraqis have for peace seems to be dissension in the GOP. Or mutiny among the US military.

(1) The College Not Combat Proposition I vote in SF was merely symbolic. It won't actually require the removal of a single military recruiter, despite Bill O'Reilly's flustering nonsense. Generated a lot of media attention, we'll see what political momentum it really adds.

(2) Of course, I don't have any illusions. Right-wing hacks like John Murtha are, like, totally for American imperial domination of the planet; they're merely anxious that such hegemony is being undermined by the present Iraq quagmire. When they say "out" they mean "redeploy" to some other imperial objective.


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