Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why grade separations exist...

...to protect trains from moronic drivers, like this one.

On my bicycle ride home tonight, I arrived to find this situation around 6 p.m. at the rail crossing at County Road 32 (CR32) and County Road 105 in rural Yolo County, between Davis and Sacramento.

According to the Amtrak investigator I talked to briefly, the woman was heading east on CR 32, missed the turn, started down the bike path, realized her error, turned right, went up the embankment and basically flew to this position well down the tracks. Yes, she must have been flying, and may have been DUI. She was taking the breathalyzer as I took these images; that's her with the CHP officer in far background (click on image to enlarge.)

All Capitol Corridor trains were held in both directions, unfortunate for hundreds of passengers. Fortunately, I was on my bike and missed this delay...and missed this driver who is a real hazard!

Images: Paul Dorn
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