Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Again, what's the problem with "OUT NOW"

Posting to MoveOn.org discussion list:

I am strongly disappointed that nowhere on the MoveOn site is there a declaration of opposition to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. I suspect this is because MoveOn tails the leadership of the Democratic Party, instead of pushing it leftward.

We will make no, repeat NO progress on domestic reforms we care about--healthcare, education, transportation, environment, retirement security, or election reform--until the huge financial and personal costs of the Iraq occupation are ended.

Think about how many teachers the billions spent there could hire. Think about how many levees could be built by the troops now risking their lives protecting Halliburton assets.

The question is simple: Are we for Democracy? Or Empire? Because we can't be both. If we want a healthy democracy, we can't be wasting lives and money pursuing global hegemony.

Democrats have a very real possibility of reclaiming one or both houses of Congress next year. To do so, they need to turn the 2006 election into a referendum on George Bush. This is the strategy that nearly worked for Paul Hackett in Ohio. And a critique of Bush begins and ends with a call for "Troops OUT NOW!"