Monday, June 19, 2006

Pelosi, get your head out of your...

Despite some very slight upticks, Bush's approval ratings continue to drown in Nixonian depths. The Democrats, if they really wanted to recapture Congress, could do so by turning the 2006 midterm elections into a national referendum on Bush's leadership, especially on his handling of the Iraqi quagmire. Anyone wanna hold their breath until that happens? Look for the Dems to languish in mediocrity. And, of course, the most disappointing Democratic leader has been our own Nancy Pelosi, whose quest for greater personal power overwhelms any other interest. In response to one of those email campaigns by True Majority, I customized a message to my lame Democratic Congressperson.


Representative Nancy Pelosi:

The most disappointing aspect of your Congressional representation has been your failure to lead on Iraq. We are not going to make real progress on anything--not healthcare, education, housing, transportation, environment, nothing, nada--until we end the killing in Iraq and derail the Imperial War Machine. Period.

The biggest group of armed killers, rapists, thieves, and abusers in Iraq is not Al Quaeda, "insurgents", or the various militias. The biggest gang of killers is the U.S. military. The Haditha incident is just the tip of the iceberg in Iraq. U.S. troops are doing nothing positive in Iraq. We must demand their withdrawal now!

Many U.S. soldiers will return from Iraq with severe physical, mental, and psychological injuries. Their families and communities, and American taxpayers, will continue to bear the burden of these wounds for decades. Soldiers now killing women and children in Iraq will come home to abuse their spouses and kids. Let's "support the troops" by bringing them home. NOW!

Your district is San Francisco. I wish you would start representing your district's sentiments. Stopping the funding for this disaster in Iraq would be a start.

Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Dorn
San Francisco, CA