Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Why does "Christian" Bush hate children?

Today's always excellent TomDispatch.com features this quote from historian Howard Zinn:
"I came to the conclusion that, given the technology of modern warfare, war is inevitably a war against children, against civilians. When you look at the ratio of civilian to military dead, it changes from 50-50 in World War II to 80-20 in Vietnam, maybe as high as 90-10 today… When you face that fact, war is now always a war against civilians, and so against children. No political goal can justify it, and so the great challenge before the human race in our time is to solve the problems of tyranny and aggression, and do it without war."

Exactly. Which is why Alexander Cockburn is correct when he describes the U.S. as the greatest force for evil in the world today.


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