Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stop Israeli thuggery...

In response to a TrueMajority e-activism campaign to support a ceasefire in the Middle East, I wrote to my useless Congressperson Nancy Pelosi. I dunno what good it might do, considering how firmly Zionist the U.S. government is. Disappointed by the weak message TrueMajority provides, here's the letter I wrote, (which barely begins to express my disgust, I'd have needed a ton of profanity):

Representative Boxer:

I'm disgusted by Israel's massive attack against the people of Lebanon, simply because they prefer not to negotiate with Hezbollah on prisoner exchange and other issues. The resort to force, rather than negotiation, sets a dangerous precedent.

I'm further disgusted by the U.S. government's unconditional support for Israeli thuggery. I urge you to demand an immediate ceasefire, and begin an investigation of our continued economic and military support for the State of Israel.

Just what are American taxpayers getting for their significant support to Israel, a bully nation with a long history of assaulting neighboring nations. Just what is our unconditional support yielding, besides the enmity of the entire Muslim world and most of the rest of the planet's peoples.

Please step up and join the efforts to push for a quick end of the killing of children and civilians on all sides. Thank you for your consideration.



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