Sunday, September 10, 2006

Do J-schools teach derriere bussing, or is it learned on the job?

Carolyn Jones, San Francisco Chronicle:

Here's a CC on my letter in response to your article "Pay Dirt." When people are literally dying from Lebanon and Iraq to Bayview and the Tenderloin, and when corruption is rampant from D.C. to City Hall, it must be really frustrating to have your talents squandered on the trivial tribulations of the region's wealthiest people.

Articles such as "Pay Dirt" rarely bring their writers or publications major distinction, such as Pulitzer, AJR, CJR, or SPJ recognition. However, it must be a great relief to other national news organizations when the Chronicle withdraws from serious journalism.

It will be a great day when the San Francisco Chronicle focuses on journalism, and leaves celebration of the overly pampered affluent to publications such as the Nob Hill Gazette or Gentry. I wish you better luck with your next assignment.


Paul Dorn

September 10, 2006

Letters to the Editor
San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

RE: "Pay Dirt: Atherton residents outraged by town's high fees for
hauling excavated earth"


I understand that the Chronicle's mission is to celebrate the affluent. That's why, among other things, thousands of trees and gallons of ink are consumed each year to show several pages of women in evening gowns at the Symphony's opening concert.

However, your article about residents in exclusive Atherton distressed at the high costs of excavating for home improvements ("Pay Dirt," 9/9) was really too much. This article's placement--front page above the fold--as the _most_ important news story of the day is an outrage.

At a time when millions in our country lack adequate healthcare, housing, or security, it's truly insulting to have the inconvenience of the affluent rubbed in our faces. Shameful.


Paul Dorn
San Francisco CA


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